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What Sets Sea-Lion Apart

A Sea-Lion utilizes the most desirable characteristics in its class and packages them all together with skillful engineering to create a performance fishing machine, a vehicle to adventure for the entire family, and a safeguard against the most powerful waves in the deep sea.

Everything is designed with comfort, performance, safety, and owner experience at the forefront making a Sea-Lion the best boat for you.

Hand Crafted



Custom Design

Attention to Detail


Our Process

With the use of high quality materials, hardware, equipment, advanced laminating and bonding techniques and a staff that is dedicated and proud to serve our customers, Sea-Lion owners can expect more time on the water with less maintenance and a trouble-free boating experience.

Designed and Built with You in Mind.

As is the case with any structure, the foundation establishes the longevity and capability of the entire building. Such is the case with a boat.

Poor construction and corner cutting only diminishes the overall quality off the vessel. At Sea-Lion, we understand the importance of every layer of fiberglass, every application of resin, every grit of sand paper, every polish, every wax, every weld, and the bonding of every seam, so that no part of the process, or of the boat, is left unfinished.

We pride ourselves in a holistic construction process that many boat manufacturers have steered away from.

We believe that every Sea-Lion boat that leaves our shop is called to serve, empower, and perform to your needs for many years to come.

From the robust gel exterior down to the placement of the very first layer of fiberglass, a Sea-Lion not only looks and feels well-constructed, but you can know with confidence that it is a boat built with the same care and pride that Sea-Lion owners have come to know and expect.

Using some of the most iconic hulls, Sea-Lion Boats are designed and built to deliver a fast, smooth, and dry riding experience.

From the wide-open seas to the tranquil coastal waters, Sea-Lion boats are engineered for any possible condition. Our boats tame waves and rough seas with our exclusive hull design. A sharp entry along with a big bow flare ensures unmatchable maneuverability, seamless transitions from crest to trough, and ensures that all spray is directed down and away from the helm.

Down to the tenth of a degree, 22.5 degrees of dead rise perfects a Sea-Lion’s capabilities and aesthetics, and when integrated with our multi-length, oversized chines, our boats maintain stability and comfort at any speed and in any swell.

All Sea-Lion boats are unique to their looks and performance due to the intricate detailed finishes that lie beneath the exterior shell.

Every Sea-Lion is the culmination of meticulous planning, preparation, and construction to create a gorgeous masterpiece.

What Sea-Lion Owners Have to Say

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