Our Process


Selection of Options

We want you to make your Sea-Lion boat your own. Choose from a large list of options or ask for a custom request. Have your heart set on a certain color? Wished you had more space for your fishing rods? We want to accommodate your lifestyle and will create a boat carefully tailored to you.


Mold Preparation

The build process begins with the mold. We ensure that every mold is properly maintained and prepped prior to hull construction. This eliminates any potential for defects and weak spots in the fiberglass, which means a high quality boat for years to come.


Gel Coat

We want to make sure that your boat looks amazing and is protected from whatever you throw at it. Our knowledgeable team will apply a gelcoat protective barrier prior to laying the foundation of the boat. With many different colors to choose from, it is at this stage that you start making your boat your own.


Hull Fiberglass

The integrity of the boat is in the fiberglass hull, which is why we carefully measure, cut, and lay each individual layer of fiberglass by hand. We take care to ensure that each layer is as strong as the first, making the boat as robust as possible.


Remove Parts From Molds

Once the hull, liner, cap are fully laminated, they are rigorously checked over prior to being separated from their molds to prevent any and all compromises in quality. Storage boxes, fish boxes, and many other molds are then laid and added to the larger fiberglass forms to start giving shape to your new Sea-Lion boat.


Liner Installation

With the hull properly formed, set, and sealed and all other items in place, the liner is the next large piece to the construction process. This portion serves as the build platform for the rest of the boat.


Cap Installation

The hull and liner are finally seated together with the cap, which wraps around the upper perimeter of the boat. The cap serves both a structural as well as aesthetic purpose as it holds the two main components together, while also giving the Sea-Lion its unique, curved line along the side of the hull.


Interior Assembly

Around the two main interior components, the center console and the leaning post, the interior starts to take shape based on the amenities desired on your new Sea-Lion boat. From seating to storage areas, the interior can be customized to fit you and your needs.


Motor Mounting

With the interior fully customized to exactly how you want it, it is time to power the boat with your choice of outboards. Whether it be Suzuki, Yamaha, Mercury, or your own choice, we can outfit your Sea-Lion with single or double configurations on the 27’ or a triple configuration on a 34’ if you are looking for that extra horsepower.



With the boat cleaned, shined, and polished, your Sea-Lion is ready for its new home. Now, you can get out on the water and enjoy what we created!