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Building Your Dream Fishing Boat: Why Three Piece Boat Construction Is Better Than Two Piece Boat Construction

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Before venturing out to sea, you want to make sure your vessel is sea-worthy. It’s important to be aware of the boat construction process so that you can make an informed decision before buying a boat. At Sea-Lion, our Florida-based shop uses three-piece boat construction to deliver the best center console boats for offshore fishing and recreation. 

We will walk you through the different processes for boat construction, educate you on our process, and explain the benefits of three-piece boat construction.

What is Three-Piece Boat Construction?

Three-piece boat construction involves creating a cap, floor and hull to build the base of a center console boat. The boat deck is attached to the liner by using fiberglass, which forms a stronger bond between the two parts. Three-piece construction results in less shifting and a much smoother ride. 

The three-piece method is comprised of:

  1. Hull — the base and main body of the boat.
  2. Liner — the main inside piece of the boat upon which the interior is built.
  3. Cap — the top piece that bonds the Hull and Liner together.

See the Sea-Lion detailed construction process.

The Sea-Lion construction process:

Step 1: Selection of Options

Each Sea-Lion is uniquely crafted to the needs of the user. We offer a comprehensive list of options and also work to accommodate custom requests. From additional rod holders, to custom colors, your Sea-Lion should fit your lifestyle.

Step 2: Mold Preparation

Next, we begin the build with the mold. We maintain and prep each of our molds prior to hull construction. This ensures that no defects or weak spots form in the fiberglass.

Step 3: Gel Coat

After that, our team then applies a gel coat protective barrier which both adds to the look of the boat and protects it. We offer a wide variety of colors to suit any taste.

Step 4: Hull Fiberglass

The fiberglass hull is the integrity of the boat. We mold the pieces using only the highest quality composite materials, all fiberglass is hand-laid, no wood is used in the construction.

Step 5: Remove Parts from Molds

After the hull, liner, deck, and helm have fully cured, we thoroughly check them. Next we remove them from their molds to ensure they retain their quality. Other molds like storage boxes, fish boxes, and more are then added.

Step 6: Liner Installation

Once the hull has been formed, set, and sealed, the liner is installed. This is the second main piece in the 3-piece process.

Step 7: Cap Installation

Next, the hull and liner are seated together with the cap — the third, and final, piece in the 3-piece construction process.

Step 8: Interior Assembly

The interior of the boat is assembled according to your custom instructions. Any options like additional seating and added storage help distinguish each Sea-Lion boat.

Step 9: Motor Mounting

Once the interior is done, it’s time to mount your choice of outboard motors. We can mount single or double configurations on the 27’ and triple configurations on a 34’ to get that extra horsepower.

Step 10: Delivery

After the boat is cleaned, shined, and polished, the custom Sea-Lion is delivered.

What is Two-Piece Boat Construction?

Two-piece boat construction, on the other hand, involves only a liner and a hull which are secured with screws and adhesive. 

This construction style doesn’t have many benefits outside of reduced cost. Two-piece boat construction typically doesn’t allow for a toe kick area, or extra deck space, resulting in less functional space and reduced comfort when compared to a three-piece constructed center console boat.

Why we use Three-Piece Boat Construction

At Sea-Lion, we use three-piece construction because it results in a better product. The advantages of three-piece boat construction involve stability for fishing, increased deck space, room for rod holders, more lighting and outlets, and a smoother ride.

Stability for fishing

3-piece hull center console boats have space for a toe kick area. This allows fishermen to place their feet under the gunnel, providing them stability while fighting a fish. Two-piece boats do not offer this benefit.

We craft our boats with fishability in mind and know that this toe kick feature is important to any fishermen, competitive or casual.

Increased Deck Space

In 3-piece boats, the liner aligns directly with the hull which creates more deck space. A 2-piece boat will have less space and be fairly cramped.

Sea-Lion Boats are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Our intelligent use of space and covered helm allow for plenty of seating as well as plenty of storage.


There are many accessories that make fishing boats easier to use. For example, three-piece boats have room for more rod holders, coolers, storage, lighting and outlets.

We customize your boat to your needs. The extra space available in a 3-piece constructed boat allows us to offer plenty of options, from storage, to high-end electronics, to rod holders, and more.

The Sea-Lion Difference

All Sea-Lion boats are meticulously hand-crafted to ensure every part is perfectly finished. Our holistic construction process is unlike any other manufacturer today. At every step of the process, the user is considered. Our iconic hulls are designed for every condition, from calm waters to rough seas. 

Every Sea-Lion is the culmination of meticulous planning, preparation, and construction to create a gorgeous masterpiece.”

Our team will work closely with you as you customize your new Sea-Lion boat to fit your needs. From additional seating to more storage, to high-end accessories, we can create your dream boat for fishing and family adventures.

Our three-piece construction process allows us to create the ideal layout, with a spacious deck and amenities. Our boats are engineered with an open deck and seamlessly integrated storage to offer the highest quality fishing experience available. 

Sea-Lion three-piece constructed center console boats are custom built in Florida. We are proud to offer the best offshore fishing and recreation boats, customized to your lifestyle.

See what our customers have to say.

White Marlin Open 2020 Prize Claimed Aboard Sea-Lion 34TE

By | Fishing Tournaments, News

Congratulations to Jersey Boy Charters and their big win at the 2020 White Marlin Open this year! Out of Ocean City, MD, the White Marlin Open tournament is the world’s largest billfish tournament and draws in thousands of contestants each year. A record of $6.8 million in prize money is given, $375,000 of which was won by the Jersey Boy Charters crew. Jersey Boy is captained by Adrian Avena, a professional and recreational fisherman experienced in both saltwater and fresh.


Sea-Lion 34TE center console docked in Cape May.

The Jersey Boy is captained by Adrian Avena out of Cape May, New Jersey.

The Jersey Boy crew battled a huge 273.5 lb. swordfish, putting their PENN Fishing rods and reels to work. The award-winning swordfish was landed by Avena’s longtime friend and fishing buddy Kyle Gagliardi, winning in the big fish category.

The crew using Penn Fishing equipment to battle the massive catch. (photo via PENN Fishing)

and recreational fisherman Avena fishes aboard the Jersey Boy, a 2020 Sea-Lion 34TE, in the Atlantic Ocean out of Cape May, New Jersey. The custom built center console is equipped with triple 300 horsepower Suzuki outboards, a full second station, Lowrance electronics package, 130 gallons of livewell space including a 50 gallon in-floor livewell––all around customized to be an offshore fishing machine set up exactly the way they needed it to be successful in tournaments like the White Marlin Open.


Custom Sea-Lion 34TE center console boat in bay.

Adrian Avena’s Jersey Boy is a 2020 34-foot custom Sea-Lion center console, equipped for fishing with triple 300 HP Suzuki outboards and the latest and greatest Lowrance marine electronics.

Sea-Lion Boats’ 34TE center console is designed to brave the sea. Featuring a 22.5º deadrise and a ten-foot beam, the 34TE can take on rough waves, while maintaining a stable and comfortable smooth, dry ride. This comfort and maneuverability makes the 34TE a coveted choice for fishing and recreational purposes and one of the best boats for offshore fishing.


Sea-Lion 27TE Florida Sportsman Review

By | News


The new 27TE model from Sea Lion Boats makes a great case for the theory that your boat doesn’t need to be a Battle Wagon in order for you to be a warrior on the blue water frontier. In an age when more and more outsized center console boats emerge onto the market and it seems like we’re watching a race to build the biggest boat, the 27TE is here to remind you of the days when a 27-foot open boat was plenty big enough for serious offshore duty and the hull size of choice for many south Florida fishing guides.

Not so long ago, a boat in this class was ideal from an efficiency, economy, performance and fishability standpoint but as the nation’s economy flourished and boats doubled in size, the 25 to 30-footers seem to have been left behind. After spending the day running and fishing the 27TE I was pleasantly reminded why a 27-foot boat worked so well back then and why it remains a great design.

The benefits of a boat in this class are many, beginning with cost. Your cost to own, run, and maintain are still important factors regardless of how brisk the economy may seem. Simply put, a boat that will perform well with a single engine offers a lot. The fuel economy realized along with the savings in maintenance every 100-hours can add up when you double, triple, or quadruple it on a larger boat. With a single Suzuki DF350 this boat ran like a thoroughbred. If a 40-MPH boat that provides 2.7 MPG economy at 30 MPH is in your wheelhouse the 27TE will make you smile. If you require something a little sportier and don’t mind spending the extra money, the boat is rated for twin engines up to 600-HP and will make your heart pound. Rigged with the single engine, our test model jumped up instantly with no perceptible bow rise and planed off smartly. Cruising directly into a 2 to 3-foot chop was all we could throw at her on our test day and she barely seemed impressed; never pounding or landing sharply all day and keeping everything above the rub rail bone dry.

From a fishability standpoint, the Sea Lion is clean and simple. Rather than loading a boat down with unnecessary gadgets and luxury cruising options this boat is built to fish hard. A clean deck that offers plenty of legroom and space to move around the boat while multiple people are connected to a fish is important to serious anglers and the 27TE has it. Beginning at the forward single level deck there are three compartments below the deck level. A large insulated 360-quart fish hold with macerator is located along the centerline and flanked by a pair of 140-quart dry storage compartments. A drink cooler/seat at the front of the console is offered on the Tournament Edition or an optional Coffin Box can be added to the console face. The walk-in console offers plenty of storage and an electric head is optional.

The helm station provided a helmsman and companion seat with a highly efficient round 40-gallon live well at the rear. The cockpit deck is roomy and uncomplicated. A pair of 140-quart insulated boxes to port and starboard surround a large bilge access compartment and across the transom an additional 30-gallon live well is perfect for a back-up supply of baits.

All of this clean fishability is appreciated by someone who earns a living on the water fishing and likes an orderly deck. The Sea Lion 27TE isn’t strictly built for work however, this model was trimmed out in very classy bolsters, upholstery and cushions and also featured removable forward seating as well as a cockpit bench that when deployed provided room for a group to cruise comfortably if the rods and reels needed a day off. For anyone in the market for a versatile and effective fishing platform that will take you the edge and back, won’t send you to the poor house and will get you there in style, this boat deserves a hard look.

Sea Lion 27TE Specifications

Length: 27-feet

Beam: 8-feet 6-inches

Draft: 20-inches

Deadrise: 22.5-degrees

Weight: 5500-pounds

Maximum Horsepower: 600

Fuel: 220-gallons

Source: Florida Sportsman http://www.floridasportsman.com/2020/02/04/boat-review-sea-lion-27te/

Sea-Lion 3410 Center Console Featured on Florida Sportsman ‘Best Boat’

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We had the pleasure of joining the Florida Sportsman team in the 2017 ‘Best Boat’ series. Below you can find the video and write up by Florida Sportsman. Thank you to Florida Sportsman for this great opportunity.

Sea Lion 3410 CC

Offshore anglers who like an open deck plan for kite fishing and drifting with a large, multi-bait spread, who also need to run in less than favorable sea conditions and want to get there quickly have overwhelmingly agreed on a design that works for them. A mid-thirty-foot open model with enough deadrise to split waves and a bottom design built for speed, with enough beam to keep you from rolling out of the boat is very popular among this group. Starting with a proven hull design and adding modifications to improve speed and fish-ability, Sea Lion Boats has entered the marketplace with a fine example of this model. The 3410CC is a fast, soft riding, wide open design that serious blue water anglers will appreciate.

This flush deck model features a roomy foredeck and open cockpit that are easy to transit between while utilizing the entire length of the boat to fish across. A ten-foot beam adds stability while drifting in the trough. Keeping everything below the deck can create a lack of storage on a boat but this isn’t the case with the Sea Lion. The forward insulated fish box is an impressive 210-gallons and an additional 60-gallon storage compartment shares the same deck. Alongside the console amidships, are a pair of insulated 75-gallon compartments and in the cockpit deck there are matching 140-gallon fish boxes to round out the collection. This is a remarkable amount of space to keep fish and gear in, without cluttering the deck. Additional dry storage is available in the console Head compartment. The standard boat features two live wells in the transom totaling 50-gallons and a third optional well is available for the tournament angler who needs massive supplies of live bait.

Sea Lion builds these boats to order and can customize the boat to suit the needs of serious anglers or weekend hobbyists alike. The model we tested fell into the former category and was all business. There was no place you could stand on this boat without having a rod holder at arm’s reach. All of the deck hardware was clean and flush with quality components used throughout. A tackle center/helm station behind very comfortable seating handled all of our gear storage needs and both live wells loaded up with herring stored more than enough bait for a long day offshore. The Sea Lion ran like a champ in 3-4’ slop and 15-20 knot south winds keeping up a 40-mph cruising pace for 20 miles running home directly into it. She jumped out of the hole quickly and cornered tightly never losing traction. This boat is somewhat of a new kid on the block and enters a marketplace with a lot of competition in this size and class. As a fresh arrival this boat is priced at a point where new boat shoppers looking for something in a size class below this may consider jumping up to the next level.


Length – 34’

Beam – 10’

Draft – 24”

Dead rise – 22.5-degrees

Max HP – 1050

Fuel – 300-gallons

Fresh Water – 45-gallons


Credit Florida Sportsman Magazine   |   http://www.floridasportsman.com/2018/07/26/sea-lion-3410-cc/