Designed and built with you in mind

Sea-Lion Boats are designed and built to delivers a fast, smooth and dry riding experience. They were designed to run in the wide-open seas. Our boats tame waves and rough seas with our exclusive hull design. A sharp entry along with a big bow flare ensures that all spray is directed down and away from the cockpit. With a 22.5 degree dead rise at the transom, combined with our multi length oversized chines, you will benefit from a smooth, dry ride at any speed. Everything is designed with comfort, performance, safety, and owner experience at the forefront. With the use of high quality materials, hardware, equipment, advance laminating and bonding techniques and a staff that is dedicated and proud to serve our customers, Sea-Lion owners can expect more time on the water with less maintenance and a trouble free boating experience.

Built for you

Every Sea-Lion Boat is built with the fisherman and his family in mind, whether a seasoned captain or a weekend warrior, we have a Sea-Lion Boat for you. Our boats were designed from bow to stern with functionality and safety in mind. Freeboards with large coaming pads give anglers support while fighting a fish, using a gaff or releasing a fish and also ensure that family members onboard stay safe. Our decks are non-skid and flat with no steps or raised hinges for safely walking when the weather turns ugly or while fighting that prized fish. The console and leaning post are designed with comfort and utility in mind. Fish boxes and live wells are insulated and will keep ice longer and your baits fresher for a longer time. Our boats have large fishing cockpits with plenty of space and storage capacity for bait, ice, gear and fish.